Andy Pollard – Naturalist (not naturist), Photographer and now ……. Blogger!

The Falkland Islands is a world class destination for wildlife and wildlife photography. I doubt that this briefest of statements will come as surprise to most of you, particularly if you have been following my social media and website activity over the past few years.

I have an immense passion for the Islands natural environment. Crossing the forty year old age barrier, technically closer to fifty now and the medical advise of needing a lifestyle change!, something has recently dawned on me. Personally, I have extracted a lot from the Falkland Islands natural environment. Whilst i can list numerous positive contributions that i have made back to the environment, such as Tussac Grass planting, i am a long distance in my own mind from achieving anything near to an equilibrium.

In response, i have thought long and hard as to what i can implement into my life and work, to better balance my interaction with the natural environment. I would like to share with you my ambitions for the next twelve months:

  1. To give everyone an insight into my work/hobby as a wildlife guide and photographer. What my passions are (nothing too raunchy) and why i chose this career. This might be suited to you?
  2. To showcase the Islands locations that i am fortunate to visit. Giving an insight into some of the worlds best wildlife destinations. Including many close to Stanley, that often have no entry fee and also those that are less often explored. Encouraging you to visit?
  3. To increase knowledge regarding the wildlife species found in the Falkland Islands. Who doesn’t love a great fact!
  4. To promote what birding is and to explain why it gives me so much enjoyment. Maybe there is a birder inside of you (not literally)?
  5. To share my secrets on how to find rare/vagrant birds. If i can get you to start looking, hopefully my list will grow πŸ™‚
  6. To share how nature has helped my own health, particularly mental health. Possibly the most important issue on this list
  7. To provide insights as to how I capture wildlife photographs, such as the image that i was awarded Gold at the 2022 Bird Photographer of the Year. Did i tell you about this award ha ha
  8. I want to look at how i live my life from an impact on the environment. What more can i do? What are the luxuries that i will likely never give up? I have a weakness for bubble bath! not the bombs but the stuff that comes in plastic bottles. Can i help you? Can you help me?
  9. I want to showcase the environmental work/dedication of others, supporting and encouraging through this blog and social media. Along the way increasing my own awareness of others successes and failures. There is a lot going on, the more we are aware, the quicker we can join in

Blogging i dont think is going to come naturally to me. No doubts i will make factual mistakes and expose some controversial viewpoints on the way. My intention is not to preach and not to criticise. I want to show you why the natural environment is one of the most important aspects of my life and why i am so passionate about it.

I hope that you will read my blogs and social media posts, engaging with the material that i share. Shout out loud if anything doesn’t make sense. If you have any questions or suggestions to add to my list of ambitions, all thoughts are welcomed.

In the meantime thank you for at least reading this blog. Enjoy your weekend πŸ™‚