Mammals of the Falkands

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Elephant Seals
Males arrive early in Sep with females arriving approximately 1 week later. Pupping starts at the end of September and continues through October (Height of Pupping Season) and November. Pups are suckled for 23 days. females mate at the end of lactation period and return to sea. Pups stay ashore for 45 days. Males depart late Nov after 3 months and have lost approximately 40% of their bodyweight. Adults haul out late Jan/early Feb to moult for 25 days. The largest breeding area in the Falkland Islands is Sea Lion Island.

More information can be found via the  Elephant Seal Research Group website

Sea Lions
In December bulls establish their territories. Females arrive late Dec/early Jan, pupping late Dec/early Jan. Females mate 2 to 3 days after pupping. After mating females forage, returning every few days to suckle pup. In late Jan pups form pods and bull territories break up. Pups may suckle r be dependent for 12+ months. After breeding there is no segregation and mixed groups haul out.

Fur Seals

Dolphins Peale’s and Commerson’s Dolphins are also abundant.

A spectacular mammal of the Falklands. Orca are sighted in October, November and December during the Elephant Seal breeding season

Whales Large whales can be sighted off shore at the end of January and beginning of February.