Stanley and surrounding area

Tours in the Stanley area – ‘My patch’ – Living in Stanley naturally i have spent a lot of time in the following areas. On a good day at least 30 bird species can be found close to Stanley. The following locations are some of the best sites to visit:

Walking the streets and waterfront of Stanley you are likely to see small land birds, shore birds and sea birds. The endemic Falkland Steamer Duck and Southern Giant Petrel are easily found here. Look overhead for potential birds of prey.

Gypsy Cove This small bay, with its’ white sand beach is sheltered from prevailing winds. Highlights here include Magellanic Penguins and Black-crowned Night-herons. Smaller land birds such as the Black-chinned Siskin are also often spotted. Sea Lions occasionally visit, pulling up into the tussac grass.

Cape Pembroke Peninsula
The sandgrass around the lighthouse is perfect habitat for the Falklands’ smallest bird, the Sedge Wren. The peninsula is an ideal viewpoint for transient sea birds such as the Albatross, Fulmar and Petrel, along with those species that breed on tussac islands such as Kidney Island. Keep an eye out for Peregrine Falcons, Variable Redbacked Hawk and Southern Caracara too. This area is also a wonderful location in which to observe whales, dolphins and Sea Lions.

Yorke Bay Pond
This freshwater pond is full of aquatic invertebrates, and hosts large quantities of Watermilfoil which provides valuable food for many species of water-loving birds such as the Rufous-chested Dotterel, the Two-banded Plover and the Whiterumped Sandpiper. The fringes are also habitat to a number of the Falklands’ rare plants, including the Spider Plant, Duson’s Moonwort and Pale Yellow Orchid.

Surf Bay
A popular sand beach close to Stanley which is a good place to see the occasional King Penguin, Sea Lion and, if very lucky, a visiting Leopard Seal. both species of dolphin are often seen close to the shore playing in the surf.

Rookery Bay and Phillips Point The freshwater ponds are excellent for viewing species of water birds such as both species of Teal, Chiloe Wigeon, Crested Duck and Silvery Grebe. This is also a great location to view the Sedge Wren, and Rookery.

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