Falklands Nature is unique in being able to offer a tour where its guide combines his local knowledge of the wildlife and plants, with his skills as an award winning wildlife photographer.

Guided Tailor-made Holidays

We work with local and International tour agencies, advising on tailor-made itineraries and acting as their local guide. To enhance visitor experience and to uphold and protect the Falkland Islands natural environment, itineraries are designed with small groups in mind, allowing for a great rapport to be built between guide and visitors. Find out more here

Day Tours

We offer various trips which can be tailored towards bird-watching, wildlife, native plants or photography. Common destinations to visit include Volunteer Point, Cape Bougainville, Cape Dolphin, Kelp Point, Berthas Beach and Stanley Area. Find out more here

Evening Tours to Kidney Island

We offer boat trips to Kidney Island, a small island and National Nature Reserve, just 16 km (10 miles) from Stanley. The island can only be reached by boat and is just 30 minutes away from the Islands capital. The main attraction here is the dusk return of the Sooty Shearwaters. Find out more here

Photography Workshops

We offer private or group based nature photography workshops. Find out more here

Photography Prints and Calendars

Wildlife prints and our annual nature calendar can be found here

Falklands Nature guide Andy Pollard

Andy Pollard is a sixth generation Falkland Islander, with a passion for wildlife, plants and photography. His understanding and commitment to the natural environment is reflected in his tours. Andy’s knowledge of the best spots for viewing wildlife, along with his relationships with local birders and landowners, increases the opportunities to see a wider range of breeding, migrant and vagrant wildlife species. Andy’s local knowledge of the Islands’ history and culture add an additional dimension to Falklands Nature tours. Find out more here

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