Guided Holidays

Falklands Nature and guide Andy Pollard works with local and International tour agencies to put guide tailor-made holiday itineraries for visitors.

In order to enhance visitor experience and to uphold and protect the Falkland Islands’ natural environment, these holidays are designed with small groups in mind, and can be tailor-made to cater for specific needs and itineraries. Keeping groups small also allows for a great rapport to be built between guide and visitors.

Please take a look at some of the destinations that are available to visit: (pages under construction)

If you are interested in putting together a visit to the Falkland Islands please contact us or alternatively contact the agencies below.

Falkland Islands Holidays offer tailor made itineraries for the discerning traveller. We cater for all holiday budgets, single or group travel, any tour length and also offer superb “add on” itineraries for those travelling through South America and Antarctica.

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